Hip Therapy Routine 3

I do something like this routine every morning, six days a week. Just doing it three times a week should give you some decent benefits as well, but it is important to at least take one day off so your body can rest. It takes me about 20 min to half an hour. When I’m in a rush I skip some of these and can do it in 15 min.

Hip Capsule Stretches

There are a lot of ways to do this, but I’m so tight I can’t do some of the more advanced versions. These are about my level right now.

Hip Capsular Stretches

90 90 Hip lift with Hip Shift

- This works to help fix the “[Left AIC Pattern](https://pritrainer.com/left-aic-pattern/)” - [Common mistakes to avoid](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DCGE9f9AkdI).

Clamshells: Targeting Gluteus Medius

For some people, it can be very hard to target the gluteus medius instead of the piriformis or the TFL (tensor fasciae latae). Because the piriformis is deep in your glutes, it can feel good, like you are using a lot of glutes, but this isn’t what you want. I found the following video useful for getting it just right:

Side-Plank Hip Abduction

This video shows a number of ways to progress or regress the exercise according to your level of ability. I like the side-plank version though because it also helps the bottom hip.

Foam Roller Glute-Hamstring Bridge

I actually do this with my foot more on the ball of the foot, which is harder. A month ago I could only do about 5 seconds, now I’m up to 30.

Hip Hinge with Internal Rotation

The only video I could find of this was on Instagram. (As this has gotten easier, I no longer do it. Keeping it here for reference though.)

Standing Reaching Hip Shift With Slide

I could not find any video of this exercise, so you have to imagine combining the following two videos into a single exercise. Actually, this is a good way to present it, because you want to get the first part right before doing the second. This really helped open up my groin muscle.

Dead Bug with Abduction

I could not find this one either. The one below is close, but I do it a bit differently (hard to explain). Best to work with a trainer on this one!

Squat Training

After a few years trying to improve my ankle dorsiflexion, without much improvement in my squat depth, I finally found an approach to improving my squat that actually works.

Shoulder Work

As I do my lifting I seem to be developing some weird shoulder problems, so a new problem to worry about. Actually, according to the PRI approach, it is quite normal for right hip flexor issues to be combined with pain in front of the left shoulder. These PRI inspired exercises seem to help me.

But stretching only gives temporary relief. I need to build muscle as well, and these exercises are my favorites right now.

WARNING: consult a doctor or physical therapist before embarking on any new exercise routine!

Last Updated 2023-04-16