Exercises for hip pain

Below are some exercises I’ve found useful. Depending on what your problem is, some of these might be more useful than others. That, in turn, might help you with Diagnosing your hip pain.

Note, these are all supplementary exercises, not to be confused with a basic strength training exercise regime that you should be doing at the same time. You will need a personal trainer to make sure you are doing everything correctly. A good trainer is very expensive, but after two or three months you should be ready to start working out on your own, equipped with skills that will last a lifetime. (Thought it is good to check in with a trainer at least once a year to make sure you aren’t developing bad habits and to change your workout routine as your body changes.)


These are great!

The Big 3

In his years of studying the spine, Dr. McGill has found there to be three specific exercises that most efficiently address all of these areas [around the spine] without placing excessive stresses on the parts of the back that may be aggravated or irritated due to injury. This group of exercises has famously become known as ‘The Big 3.’ (source) - Curl-Up - Side Plank - Bird-Dog

Reverse hyperextension

Kettlebell exercises

kettlebell front squats

kettle ball swings

Hip Airplane

Easier version with progression if that is too hard:

Article on [the Hip Airplane](https://squatuniversity.com/2018/05/06/the-hip-airplane/) by Squat University

Pallof Press Lateral Walk

Turns out this (along with side planks) is really great for core stability and that helps one’s hips as well.

Pistol Squat

6 Steps To Perfecting Your Pistol Squat – Squat University

Monster Walk

How to Fix A Groin Pull (Adductor Strain)

Isometric Hip Flexion

After doing some work to loosen up your hip flexors, do these isometric flexion exercises



Glute Exercises

Instagram post with five great glute exercises.

Hip Flexor Workouts

Hip flexor exercises for strength - basic + beginner level

Fixing Anterior Pelvic Tilt (FULL ROUTINE)