Managing Hip Pain

For years I’ve struggled with hip pain. Like the story of the blind men and the elephant, doctors tend to see my issues through the lens of their own area of specialization, making it hard to get a good diagnosis. Finally, frustrated as the problem got worse and worse, I turned to YouTube* and now, for the first time in decades, I can feel that I’m on the mend. (*See a list of my favorite YouTue channels under Resources.)

I’m not a doctor, and my problem may be different from yours, but on these pages I hope to share what I learned about diagnosing, managing, and even treating hip problems.

Proceed with caution and at your own risk!


I've written some blog posts chronicling my journey to better hip health:

My Routine

I keep updating my daily routine. These are exercises I do each morning to improve mobility and train supporting muscles that help my posture. I keep updating it based on both changes to my training needs as well as my evolving understanding of what is needed. The current routine takes about 30 min and has helped move me from 80% hip mobility to between 95 and 98 percent when walking.

Current Hip Therapy Routine


I bought a pair of wide-toe-box, zero-drop shoes when I was in NY and love them. Instantly improved my walking, and I was especially happy to learn one can buy shoes like this which aren't "barefoot" shoes, but actually have some cushioning. If I had already improved my walking by 80% through physical therapy, switching shoes improved things by another 15% the second I started using them. I went back the next week and bought a second pair.

shoe x-ray.jpeg

Diagnosis, Causes, and Quick Relief

Here are some notes and videos that I kept over the course of my journey. I don't recommend everything here, but it is useful to begin your own research.

Diagnosing your hip pain

Causes for hip pain

Help for side sleepers

Additional Research